Ignorant People: “UBI Is Communism”, Here’s Why They’re Wrong

Ignorant People: “UBI Is Communism”, Here’s Why They’re Wrong

Some people are living in the past, they don’t realize that Universal Basic Income (UBI) is necessary in order for Capitalism to survive, they think that the utopian industrialize age is standard, but the facts deny that.

We are living in the informational age, and not in the industrial one, that’s what these people are ignoring. That means that the workforce is going to be automated, people are going to need advanced education.

Jobs are no longer necessary for everyone to “make a living” because now we automated everything so people are not required anymore in basic positions, but in more advanced ones, that’s why people feel like they’re left behind.

UBI is the way to equally distribute the wealth that is created automatically, people who support UBI like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are aware of that.

Some people are usually ignorant about the above facts, and are easily manipulated by the minority of those who oppose UBI, usually those in power and countries with authoritarian regimes are even spreading fake news in order to oppose UBI.

That was humanity’s goal in the first place, it’s why we industrialized everything and now automating everything, if you think about it, UBI is what humanity has worked for from the beginning.

Tom Frl

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