Universal Basic Income: The Best Anti-depressant

Universal Basic Income: The Best Anti-depressant

Although it’s about common sense that Universal Basic Income (UBI) would not only reduce depression (caused by economic insecurities), but also eliminate it, but let’s explore the facts.

People are often depressed because they don’t like their job position, or maybe they just don’t have enough money, regardless of their income, there are many factors like high cost of living, debt and unemployment.

Automation adds to the reasons why people are getting depressed, as many job positions related to production are vanishing because a robot or AI software replaced it.

Truck driver and cashier are among the most popular job positions in United States, but they, together with many retail related and other job positions are about to get replaced soon by automation and AI too.

It’s a fact that some people who depend on their day to day job don’t have the time and money to find a better one, as they are living paycheck to paycheck.

All the above reasons are contributing, or causing depression, but there is something that can vanish this depression, it’s called Universal Basic Income (UBI) and it’s already viral world-wide, with many governments testing and introducing it.

There are many more causes of depression related to economic insecurities that needs a solution, while populism and extremism are rising worldwide because of that, but a Universal Basic Income (UBI) can fix the situation.

UBI can reduce the overall amount of depressed people, while it’ll boost the US economy by trillions, reduce the crime rates and provide people with true individual freedom in all aspects of their lives.

Tom Frl

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