UBI Should Be A Human Right, Not Another Welfare

UBI Should Be A Human Right, Not Another Welfare

Welfare and other free social services are usually costing the state billions, are inefficient and corrupt, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) could give people the power of choice.

Except some really important services like healthcare, a UBI would efficiently reduce the amount of free social services and therefore cut government spending and boost the economy.

UBI critics claim that it would be really expensive, but in reality not only would be affordable, but it would also payback much more from the innovation and the work people will do using the freedom that UBI provides them.

“A Universal Basic Income would provide everyone true individual freedom, that means a job that he likes, and enough free time to find it, while we comply with the human rights of UN.

Economists and experts are saying that a universal basic income (UBI) would boost the US economy by a staggering of 2.5 trillion dollars, assuming that every US citizen receives $1.000 a month.

A study carried out by the Roosevelt Institute has concluded that implementing a UBI in the U.S. could have a positive effect on the nation’s economy.”, a report on Vetze mentioned.

Countries should really start testing and implementing Universal Basic Income (UBI), by replacing the failed welfare system and some free services it would also be super affordable.

Tom Frl

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