Andrew Yang: Universal Basic Income Is Good For Markets

Andrew Yang: Universal Basic Income Is Good For Markets
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Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur and a 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate who wants to make the clever plan of a universal basic income (UBI) a reality for America.

In his recent interview on Fox News, the businessman was asked if UBI is a socialist policy, which is a weird question because UBI provides a minimum level of consuming power to everybody, so it has nothing to do with socialist, which is the exact opposite.

Yang’s answer to the question “Is Universal Basic Income a socialist policy” was clear, he answered “No, it’s Capitalism where income doesn’t start at zero”.

The candidate also mentioned that a Universal Basic Income would be good for markets because people will have money to spend, and that is actually pretty true because it would boost the economy at all levels.

The Democratic presidential candidate also said that he would like to implement a ‘value added’ tax in order to harness the gains from new technologies to pay for a universal basic income.

Andrew Yang also mentioned that his campaign already raised $400.000 from over 20.000 donors in the last 2 weeks alone, while most of the donations are coming from Americans all around the country.

It seems like this is the perfect time for Universal Basic Income, as it would solve many problems, including poverty, and party crime and inequality, while it would boost the economy and make it work for everyone.

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