Experiment: Universal Basic Income reduced crime by 40%

Experiment: Universal Basic Income reduced crime by 40%

Several Universal basic income experiments have been taken place in many countries around the world, but what are the results they produced so far?

In Namibia, there was about a 40 percent drop in crime in areas where the UBI was introduced. Suicides would also decrease, as the most of them are result of depression, which is mostly caused by anxiety about survival, according to a report by The Incomer.

“Not only did a greater sense of community grow, but the very first thing the village even did was to organize an 18-member committee to mobilize the community and advise residents.

This was an immediate effect described in the report as “community mobilization and empowerment.”

There were also other notable effects, like a 42 percent drop in crime, huge reductions in child malnutrition and school dropout rates, and a 301 percent increase in self-employment.”, a huffingtonpost report mentions.

The research also shows that basic income experiments have resulted in increased social cohesion. Studies have shown increased school attendance after the introduction of a basic income-type grant.

In Namibia, there was about a 40 percent drop in crime in areas where the basic income was introduced, while social cohesion was already positively affected by the experiment.

A universal basic income system would even be more effective than a job guarantee one, while boosts young entrepreneurship and economic activity in general, as the cash will flow more.

“A job guarantee will result to many useless job positions that will only be good for its low unemployment numbers, while these jobs are totally useless.

Instead of job guarantee, a universal basic income would provide people with the basic resources to choose the right job for them, or even start their own business.

Another argument of those who suggest a job guarantee is “how do we pay for universal basic income?”, and the answer to this is really simple. Replacing the current expensive and inefficient welfare system.”, according to report.

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