Dear Gene Ho: Yang Is From Taiwan, NOT From China.

Dear Gene Ho: Yang Is From Taiwan, NOT From China.

Gene Ho is a Chinese American former photographer for Donald Trump, called Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang “an embarrassment” to Chinese Americans, but he missed something, Yang is from Taiwan, not China.

Gene Ho says that Yang has socialist policies, he doesn’t seem to understand that his lovely China is socialist, Yang is a pure human capitalist and his policies are too.

Gene Ho says that Yang wants bigger government and that Chinese are hard workers, but he also got that wrong, Yang’s policies shrink government size and increase transparency, while Ho’s lovely China is violating human rights and has the world’s biggest government.

It seems like Gene Ho somehow links Yang to China, but Yang is from Taiwan, a state that China is threatening and of course a democracy, not a dictatorship like China.

Gene Ho is trying to misinform the public, he assumes that Yang is Chinese, but he is not, he calls UBI socialist, but it is not, he says distributing money is socialist, but it is not. Gene Ho lied.


Tom Frl

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