A Universal Basic Income Would Make labour Market Competitive

A Universal Basic Income Would Make labour Market Competitive

How a Universal Basic Income (UBI) would improve and make the labour market more competitive.

Andrew Yang is the founder of Venture for America, a nonprofit organization that helped create jobs all around the U.S., he is also a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, he is the only candidate with real solutions and one of them is a Universal Basic Income, or the “Freedom Dividend” as he calls it.

A Universal Basic Income would eradicate poverty, improve people’s health and reduce crime by 40% according to study and reduce public spending by eliminating the need for homelessness services, food stamps and welfare, but it’d also do something equal as good, improve the labour market.

The labour market is currently a mess, people don’t move across the country to find new opportunities, can’t change jobs because they lack the economic freedom, the middle class don’t take risks, and creative jobs don’t take enough credit, a Universal Basic Income would change that.

A UBI would give people the freedom to change that crappy job, give it a shot at a new state, allow them have more babies, enable employers take more risks and grow the economy by $2.5 Trillion, according to research:

“The $2.5 trillion boost to the economy predicted by the Roosevelt Institute could only be attained if the U.S. were to commit to giving every adult $1,000 per month for eight years, and that’s quite a huge commitment for something that may or may not pay off.”, the report mentions.

A UBI would also make the workforce more productive, “A Basic Income could be the foundation of a much stronger family. Less-stressed, less-overworked parents, better able to fit their careers around their family life”, a quora member answered when asked about the UBI.

Most research demonstrates that overall people will not work less, and in some cases may work more if it benefits them, under a basic income.”, a the report mentions.

A Universal Basic Income is definitely a must in our days, because jobs are being automated, and skills that require advanced knowledge, creativity and string will are what is needed for the useful jobs of today and the future.”, The Incomer reported.

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