Famous Actress Paget Kagy: Andrew Yang “makes a whole lot of sense”

Famous Actress Paget Kagy: Andrew Yang “makes a whole lot of sense”
Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile

Paget Kagy is an actress and producer, mostly known for the movies Shameless (2011), Kat Loves LA (2017) and Criminal Minds (2005), she recently discovered Andrew Yang and immediately fell in love with his campaign.

This is the video Paget made to talk about her support for Andrew Yang’s campaign:

She explains why she supports the campaign, and while refering to the Freedom Dividend she says that “We’re actually just redistributing the money into the hands of the consumers”.

The actress also said that “I’m a big supporter of Andrew Yang, and I think you should at least Google him and find out what he’s about”, and a list of worthwhile arguments and facts followed.

One more brilliant she said about the Candidate, is that “Everything he says makes a lot of practical sense and he has the data to back it up.”, which is more than true, Andrew Yang is actually the only politicians who uses real statistics to back his policies, which by the way are said to beat anyone else in the whole elections run right now.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the video here.

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