Veboc launches Universal Basic Income Platform That Anyone Can Join

Veboc launches Universal Basic Income Platform That Anyone Can Join just launched its own universal basic income platform where anyone can register (for free) and start receiving his daily credit.

Veboc’s platform uses the “Veboc Notes”, a credit created by Veboc and its goal is to be distributed equally among all members and be used by them in order to exchange with one another.

In brief: Veboc is a platform that offers everyone a digital wallet & Universal Basic Income in form of digital credit (Veboc Notes), which anyone can use to exchange with those who accept it, we took the first step and created the Marketplace, the first ever place where people can exchange with Veboc Notes.”, mentions.

The platform is open to the public, it distributes a minimum amount of credit to every member, it has no fees and any kind of charges and prevents fraud with advanced “user verification processes”, as the site states.

Every Veboc accounts comes with a wallet, a messing system where members can message each other and of course a profile which is customizable, members can also “apply for seller” and start selling using the Marketplace.

“Our goal is the creation of an economic community in which value is distributed equality among all, while everyone is free to prosper.”, Veboc says.

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  1. I’d like to be part of this project.

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