Andrew Yang is Meeting with Elon Musk Soon (VIDEO)

Andrew Yang is Meeting with Elon Musk Soon (VIDEO)
CREDIT: Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media - AND Gage Skidmore ) REMIX (Changed were made)

While talking to crowd in South Carolina, Andrew Yang said that he will be meeting with entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Video by The Zach and Matt Show on YouTube

“Zach provides a clip of Andrew Yang speaking at a recent event in South Carolina. In this speech, Yang says that he will soon be meeting with Elon Musk to discuss the future of the country. This was following the news of Elon endorsing Yang on twitter.”

It’s always great to see people like Elon Musk and Andrew Yang are meeting, note that Elon Musk supports Universal Basic Income and possibly many other policies of Andrew Yang too.

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