How a Universal Basic Income Can Get More People Into Science

How a Universal Basic Income Can Get More People Into Science

A Universal Basic Income can get more people into science by reducing the work-related stress and other stress factors, this is essential for people to get of the mindset of 9-5 and bring real interest to their job.

“A Universal Basic Income (UBI) would give people the freedom to get involved in science, get educated and push the human race forward, while the lack of UBI is a distraction.

The lack of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) forced most people to do useless tasks like spending time to make money scamming people, or even through
illegal activities.

A UBI would save time and guarantee the survival of people (at least food) so they, instead can focus on providing the society and mark real value for their profit.

Scientists usually come from families with enough wealth to educate their children, even with a small University debt, so they can be all kinds of scientists and professionals.”, a report by Vetze mentions.

Tom Frl

UBI Supporter.

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  1. Important reason per UBI = 10 times more work in science and research. Because everyone can then do what is fun. Discover and promote his special talents that are in every human being. Thanks to knowledge, we will solve all world problems!

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