Universal Basic Income Is Advanced Capitalism

Universal Basic Income Is Advanced Capitalism

Currently, people are economic inputs for a system that uses GDP and corporate profitability as its measurement of success, in an upgraded system, people are the centers of the economy, and human well-being indicators (health, education rates, engagement with one’s job) are measures of success.

If we continue without giving our economy an upgrade, technology and automation will replace human labour soon, but with a universal basic income, technology will free us to to devote energy to things we value.

Instead of businesses consolidate and capital flows to fewer and fewer people, in a new Capitalism money is reinvested in individuals and communities to allow all economies to thrive from the ground up.

Despite the challenges coming from authoritarian regimes and dictators,  the majority world is changing rapidly for the better, as liberty is spreading, and instead of being stuck in old mindsets, we can improve our societies by raising the living conditions and giving everyone more freedom.

Recently, Walmart and Amazon launched fully automated stores without any cashiers. That means that the change is already happening.

Andrew Yang is a 2020 Presidential candidate, according to him, Trump got elected because we automated millions of manufacturing jobs and we’re about to do the same to truck drivers and more popular job positions.

A Universal Basic Income (UBI) seems the only way out, people will have a basic consuming power to re-establish their career or start new projects that will push humanity forward.

Tom Frl

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