UBI is coming, here’s how the government can ruin it

UBI is coming, here’s how the government can ruin it

A Universal Basic Income (UBI) will sooner or later become a reality for most of the world, as many countries are testing pilots already, but a UBI isn’t a UBI if it doesn’t have the following features.


A Universal Basic Income should be universal, meaning that everybody will be receiving it, poor or rich, employed or unemployed, young or old, and that’s because we should look at it as some kind of human right.

Enough to Survive

A UBI should be enough for someone to survive and start his career, it should not be another welfare reform, remember that the welfare is a failed system and it creates dependence instead of independence.

Pure Cash

The Universal Basic Income should be in cash, and the spending should not be tracked and influenced by the government or any other entity, that way we’re giving the power of choice that UBI should provide, if it’s not cash, it’s not real UBI.

It’s important to ensure that UBI will not be modified and called “UBI” by a government to give people the sense that it’s there, the UBI should be introduced as it is, no modifications.

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  1. It is something that i feel is long overdue. However we are up against some very powerful vested interests and they are dead set against something like this. How do we fight back against them and expose them for what they really are, parasites. The current tory regime are more interested in keeping the status quo as for them it means keeping total control of the people.

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