Germany’s First UBI Experiment Will Start May 2019

Germany’s First UBI Experiment Will Start May 2019

Germany is about to test Universal Basic Income (UBI) in experiment that will start in 2019.

Germany’s upcoming experiment will be similar to Finland’s one, meaning that there will be an unconditional cash transfer to 250 randomly selected people.

Labor market behavior, health and social relations will be evaluated in order to detect the impact that UBI will have on those aspects of someone’s life.

The Sanktionsfrei organization is the non-profit organization that is behind Germany’s 2019 UBI experiment, the organization has its headquarters in Berlin.

The UBI pilot is named HartzPlus, and it’ll be conducted as a scientific experiment led by professor Rainer Wieland from the Bergische Universit√§t Wuppertal.

The Sanktionsfrei team and professor Wieland are about to test a different approach to social security than the one applied in Germany at the moment (Hartz IV system), which has been reported as intrusive, bureaucratic and aggressive (sanctions).

UBI supporters are full of excitement, hoping that they will not terminate the experiment like Finland did, without any reasoning and argument.

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