UBI It’s All About True Individual Freedom

UBI It’s All About True Individual Freedom

When Universal Basic Income (UBI) became viral last year, the poor, the rich and especially the middle class embraced it, but some people are constantly attacking it, let’s see that facts.

UBI is Advanced Capitalism, meaning that everyone will have the opportunity to use his basic consuming power that the UBI provides to get started in life, freeing the person from his dependence on a job, place or person.

Most people practically don’t have the freedom to choose their job position, because of the lack of time and money, they can’t quit their job because the depend on it for their survival, so they are stuck with a job that they don’t like.

A UBI would give people the peace of mind and would guarantee their basic needs, so the poor can survive, the middle class change jobs, and the more wealthy invest.

Some people are opposing UBI for two main reasons, they don’t know what actually is, or they think it’s socialism, but it’s actually more Capitalistic than Capitalism itself, because it gives freedom of choice, contrary to Socialism which decides what your needs are, even if they aren’t.

The ignorance of those opposing and attacking UBI is dangerous, because they’re dismissing something that can improve everyone’s life, including theirs, while benefiting the economy too, and reducing crime at the same time.

Everything mentioned here can already improve the world dramatically, imagine what happens if we contain the main reason that UBI is needed, automation.

Tom Frl

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